Delight of red fruits

🛒 Of the purchase

  • A puñadito of red fruits
  • Pipes of pumpkin
  • 5 strawberries
  • 2 nosey spoonfuls of nutritional preparation Formula 1 flavor hemstitches
  • 1 nosey spoonful of protein dust
  • 1 yogurt of strawberry, red raspberry or fruits
  • 150ml of cold water 

Way of preparation:

To introduce in the glass of the beater, half of the red fruits, 4 strawberries, yogurt, the water, the 2 nosey spoonfuls of Formula 1 flavor hemstitches and 1 nosey spoonful of the protein dust.

To beat until it thickens. The more time beating, the more thick becomes.

It spills in a bowl and it decorates with half of the red fruits, a strawberry 🍓 cut in slices and a few pipes of pumpkin.

The pumpkin pipes also you can replace them by shredded almond, nut or seeds of chia.


You knew that…?

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