Healthful apple cake

🛒 Of the purchase

  • 6 apples (4 for compote, 2 to decorate)
  • 180gr of flour of integral wheat, oats…
  • 8gr of leavening or dust soda water
  • 175ml of milk
  • 2 eggs
  • Dust cinnamon
  • Juice of lemon
  • Aove to lubricate the mold


First of all, we put the furnace to warm up to 180º of temperature.


Preparation for the compote:


To boil 4 apples with a little water, cinnamon ground to the taste and juice of lemon. Once they are soft, to retire of the fire and to let cool.


Preparation of the cake:

To mix the flour, the leavening, eggs, boiled apples and the milk glass. To crush until it is a homogenous mass.

We lubricate the mold with aove and we spill the previous mixture in its interior.

We peel and we filleted two leftover apples, placing them on the surface of the cake. We introduce to the furnace previously warmed up to 180ºC and bake during 45 minutes.


And that simple, or we have a healthful cake to share at home, with friends or in any celebration! 😍😍😍 

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Prescription by courtesy of our friend 🤗 Vicky Ríos Moreno, a sevillana settled down in Liverpool 💪💪😘 

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