Salad of quinoa with grenade

🛒 Of the purchase (6 people)

  • 10gr parsley 
  • 10gr fresh mint
  • 40gr deboned green olives
  • 50gr you happen
  • 35gr natural almonds
  • 170gr quinoa
  • 80gr grenade seeds
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 spoonfuls olive oil
  • salt of the Himalayas
  • black pepper

Preparation of quinoa:

In a casserole, to throw a dribble of olive oil and to skip quinoa a pair of minutes. To add the double of amount of quinoa water that and to let boil to average fire. When quinoa is remaining without water, to lower the fire to minimum, to remove and to cover. To leave some minutes until the water is consumed completely. To retire of the fire and to reserve.


Preparation of the salad:

We prick the parsley, the fresh mint, the olives and you happen and we placed in a salad bowl where we will mix all the ingredients.


We divide the almonds by half and we skipped them in a frying pan a few minutes. We add to the salad bowl.


Preparation of the sauce:

To mix in a bowl the juice of a lemon, 3 spoonfuls of olive oil, a salt pinch of the Himalayas and black pepper.


We add prepared quinoa, nuggets of grenade and the sauce.

To remove until mixing all the ingredients and… ready to serve!




Nutritional values by ration:

307.3 Kcal

7.4 gr. Protein

12.2 Greasy gr.

43.9 gr. Carbohydrates

7.4 gr. Fiber


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