Opportunity of Herbalife Business


Due to the expansion of our activity at international level, we are   looking for people to work with an independent activity from its house.


  This activity can part-time be realised as much as in time   complete, being thus compatible with any other work or activity.

If what is looking for is a fixed use or activities manuals from its house, this one is not what we offer.


We offer a business to him with resisted results, even being able to work from house.

You can develop all the   levels, for people who want an extra entrance, to win as a pay and to even get to create a financial wall.

Without previous experience, without fixed schedules and it is only needed to have desire to learn.

You can begin from the present situation.

2 Reasons for why undertaking

It reviews this first video of 9 minutes to know the first reason.

It reviews this video of 9 minutes to know to the second reason.

So that the opportunity of Herbalife?

If it wants to know more about our opportunity fills up his data

Once filled up the dices in less than 48 h an Independent Member of Herbalife Nutrition will be put in touch with you to inform to him personally.

Attention: The fields staked out with * are obligatory.


  1. There are requirements of minimum no purchase and the initial costs are low.                   
  2. There is a guarantee of complete reimbursement in 90 days by the amount of the Package of Herbalife Member, if the Membership is cancelled for whatever reason.
  3. There is a guarantee of reimbursement of 100% in products acquired in the 12 months previous to the cancellation of the Membership, independent of the reason for cancellation.
  4. The acquisition of commercial tools of sale and is not obligatory to initiate or to ascend in its Herbalife Membership.
  5. We define of clear form the benefits of each product and the suitable method more of use directly in the label of the product - we want to completely make sure that our products are taken from the adapted form to obtain realistic results.   We provide realistic expectations on the opportunities of business and the required effort to be successful in all the levels.
  6. We provide clear information, needs and opportune to the Member futures in relation to the potential income.

That we asked?

We only worried about that so certain these learning, changing, to grow and that you have the sufficient value to be left you in
good and bad while these learning to being an owner of business. Really Enterprising

That we offer to you?

You are going to be able to learn some of the most important matters of the businesses of life real:
1. - The success attitude
2. - The leadership abilities
3. - The communication abilities
4. - The abilities of the deal with people
5. - Controlling to the personal fears, doubts and lack of confidence
6. - Controlling to the fear to the rejection
7. - The abilities of the administration of the money
8. - The abilities to invest
9. - The countable abilities
10. - The abilities of the administration of the time
11. - Learning to put goals
12. - Getting dressed for the success

And Mainly to help you to make the money that you propogas.

Our company.

Herbalife business

Herbalife Int. with more than 30 years in the market and With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Herbalife have reached to date of today a global objective. With than 2.3 million Distributors giving more service to clients in more than 85 countries, the commitment of Herbalife by the quality has prevailed putting the well-being within reach of people worldwide.


When considering or comparing the business opportunities it considers that is illegal that a promoter or a participant in a commerce regime persuades to somebody to make a payment with the promise of benefits only be united to a business.

It is not let deceive by the typical affirmations of which the high income are obtained easily.

We want to be unmarked totally of that type of affirmations.

If he wants to know more of our opportunity fills up his data.

Once filled up the dices an independent Member of Herbalife will be put in touch with you to inform to him personally.

Attention: The fields staked out with * are obligatory.

Results with the Herbalife Business.


Herbalife feels proud of being member of: 

It is affiliate and it plays an active role in a great number of its commercial organizations of the industry, including the World-wide Federation of Associations of Venta Directa (WFDSA), the European Federation of Associations of Venta Directa (FEDSA) and more than 40 Associations of Venta Directa (AVD) in different countries. It is member Afepadi is the first enterprise association of nutritional accessories and dietetic products in Spain (AFEPADI). Herbalife is represented in the meetings of the Council for Nutrición Responsable (CRN) in the United States and the United Kingdom and is charter member of the advice of CRN-International, with headquarters in Switzerland.

  • Afepadi
  • Arbitration of consumption
  • AVD
  • CRN-I
  • ESF